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Partnership Information

U.S. Communities™ Government Purchasing Alliance, the leading government purchasing cooperative for local and state government agencies, school districts (K-12), higher education, and nonprofit organizations, has partnered with SupplyWorks to provide our members with a superior selection of janitorial and cleaning products to support the maintenance of your facilities. This partnership will streamline your procurement of a wide offering of items designed to promote a cleaner and healthier environment for your facility. SupplyWorks delivers a world-class customer experience through exceptional local service, advanced technical support, detailed product training, robust e-commerce capabilities, simplified ordering, and rapid product delivery from an extensive national distribution network.

Additional benefits of sourcing from SupplyWorks include:

  • Lower Inventory Costs
    • Product Standardization
    • Guaranteed Everyday Low Prices on Name Brand Products
    • Exclusive Brand Products for Extraordinary Value
    • Just-in-Time Stock Replenishment
    • Industry-Leading Fill Rates
  • Lower Acquisition and Accounting Costs
    • Single Point of Ordering, Vendor Consolidation
    • Reduced Number of Purchase Orders
    • Deliveries from a Single Source
    • Lower Minimum Order Requirements
    • Summarized Monthly Billing (Optional)
    • Detailed Monthly Usage Reports
    • Web-Based Budget Management
    • Paperwork Reduction
  • Janitorial and Cleaning Product Expertise
    • Over 300 Field Sales Consultants
    • Customer-Focused Product and Process Training
    • Comprehensive Facility Assessment Programs
    • Green Product Solutions
    • Equipment Repair and Maintenance Services
    • Long-Term Relationships with the Industry's Leading Manufacturers
    • The Broadest and Deepest Product Selection